Sunday School Lessons

Tired of Being Asked to Do the Same Thing?

What do we do when we are called to the same thing as yesterday, and haven't seen any results?

Sunday School Lessons

A Poster for Pastors

Just how great are the blessings that God offers to those who have chosen a path that took them far away from Him?


The Business of the Church

How can we reconcile the structure of individual congregations with our personal ministry obligations?

Blue Hiking Sign

Last One Out

While we may miss our departed loved ones, those who follow Jesus will actually get a head-start on being with Him.

Three Pigeons

Those Guys

Let us make the furthering of the Kingdom of God a celebration (no matter who is introducing people to Jesus), and not a competition.

Orange Fungi

Not Fungible 

The fact that you were created uniquely means that your exact role in life can't be replaced by anyone else.

View of Tree and House from Playhouse

What’s Not In It For Me?

Being part of a group of like-minded believers has a lot of advantages for us, but what does the rest of the world get out of it?