Who’s Getting Blessed?, Part 1

Maybe whether or not we are blessed isn't measured the way that we thought it was.

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A Poster for Pastors

Just how great are the blessings that God offers to those who have chosen a path that took them far away from Him?


Just a Few Is All You Need to Get Started

Do you sometimes feel like you're staring at a blank page, trying to come up with things to be thankful for?


Don’t Lose This Information

What happens when the most important messages are lost from one generation to the next, because we simply didn't pay attention?

Candy Lego Shapes

Rewards, Part 2

If the Bible says that we will be rewarded for our actions, how should that impact our motivation and our decisions?


Ready to be Blessed

God gives us direction and guidance, but are we prepared for the blessings when they are ready?


I Deserve This!

If God mercifully paid for the consequences of our sins, how should we respond to that grace?


Offer [Not] Only Valid for New Customers, Part 2

Salvation is available to everyone who receives it.


Offer [Not] Only Valid for New Customers, Part 1

Wouldn't it be great if we could all get the same deal, regardless of whether we were new or long-time customers?


Really Living

If more money, more power, or more popularity doesn't guarantee happiness, then what will?

Desert and Bridge are Risky Places

Why Are There Rules?

Do you ever wonder if life would be better without rules that others expect us to follow?


Carrying the Evidence

Sometimes, we get too chose what will help us remember where we came from. Other times, reminders of our past are acquired without our consent.

LEGO Birthday Cake

Having a Party

In God's Kingdom, celebration doesn't have to wait for Heaven, and everyone is invited.


A Calling, and the Power to Live It Out

Nobody likes a no-win situation, but what if we knew that we had everything we needed to succeed?

Road in Desert

The [Actual] Wealth of Nations

Regardless of the economic theories that we subscribe to, real wealth only comes from one place.


Subatomic Physics

If God can use an amount of money so small that we named a class of subatomic particles after it, He can use what we have to offer for His purposes.


Crashing the Party, Part 2

Even with a fantastic buffet of great things to enjoy in this world, there is an opportunity to receive even more.


Crashing the Party, Part 1

Sometimes, we are like wedding crashers, filling up at the buffet line, without actually knowing anyone there.