A Calling, and the Power to Live It Out

Nobody likes a no-win situation, but what if we knew that we had everything we needed to succeed?

Road in Desert

The [Actual] Wealth of Nations

Regardless of the economic theories that we subscribe to, real wealth only comes from one place.


Subatomic Physics

If God can use an amount of money so small that we named a class of subatomic particles after it, He can use what we have to offer for His purposes.


Crashing the Party, Part 2

Even with a fantastic buffet of great things to enjoy in this world, there is an opportunity to receive even more.


Crashing the Party, Part 1

Sometimes, we are like wedding crashers, filling up at the buffet line, without actually knowing anyone there.



We may be living during a time period that future generations just skim over in their records of history, but we each still have a God-given part to play in creating that history.


Spread the Word

When we have good news, the natural reaction is to share it. Sometimes, when the rough times come, we have to search a little bit for things to be thankful for, but they can be found.


Even Our Mistakes are Part of the Plan

God doesn't just forgive us for our sins, but He actually uses our failures for greater things.


Tastes Like Purple

After growing weary of a diet of chemicals and being bombarded with superlatives, where can we find the satisfaction of true abundance?

Remelted Crayons from Muffin Tin
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Fancy Prayer Words – And Why You Don’t Need Them

Sometimes, those who pray out loud at church use some pretty fancy words to talk with God. While that's ok (but not necessary), here are a few quick definitions to help you follow along.