Sunday School Lessons

When to Not Fast

While many people of faith might not fast often enough for their spiritual health, are there times when it isn't necessary?


Lines of Communication

Communication has come a long way, but sometimes the most effective sharing uses methods that are tried and true.


How in the World Can I Pray to a Perfect, Holy God?

Who could possibly bridge the gap between a God who is transcendent and holy, and we sinful people here on earth?


How Do We Pray for Them?

We may already know that we should pray for those in authority. How - and what - do we actually pray for them, though?


Like Fighting One Problem at a Time

What can you do when you wake up and your problems outnumber your abilities?


Infinite Prayers

We may be challenged to "pray big", once we start to comprehend God's power, but is there something even more than that?


Not Worried About This Town

What would our perspective of our current situation be like if we looked at it like a stopover, rather than our destination?


Blessings in the Blindness

When something we're used to is taken away, even for a short time, where might we find blessings in that?


Why Pray for Peace?

Yes, we want the peace that God gives us, but what other reasons should also cause us to pray for that?


No New Normal

What if the great moments of life happen in times of change, which God has prepared for through His people's faithfulness during the times of "normalcy"?

Houseplant and Window Screen

Read the Bible, Be the Church, and Pray, Part 2

So, what can we do when we need to be the church, but it can't be the same as before?


Those We’ve Never Met

Can God bless those we've never met, when we would rather pray for them than for the people we do know?