Sunday School Lessons

Returner or Returnee?

When a relationship has been broken, there are responsibilities for both the offending party, and the one who was hurt.


Just Because Someone Did That to You…

At some point, do others' evil acts towards us justify our returning them in kind?


Too Sinful to be Saved?

Think you are too sinful to be saved?  As it turns out, you're the perfect candidate for Jesus' plan.


Own It!

Carrying the weight of sin around is painful. If we just come clean and admit that we have failed, would a loving God welcome us back?


Out of the Dark

Have you ever found that something that looked good in the dark didn't hold up in the light? (Maybe your socks not matching?)


Grudge Sale

If we want to get rid of junk in our house, we can have a garage sale. How do we get rid of junk in our mind and soul, though?