Sunday School Lessons

Motive, Means, and Opportunity

Rather than making excuses about what we can't do, let's find ways to serve others who we have the means to help


Why Pray for Peace?

Yes, we want the peace that God gives us, but what other reasons should also cause us to pray for that?

Plants in Arid Environment

No Evidence

What would it look like if we removed all evidence of wrongdoing in our lives, not by covering it up, but by doing the right thing in the first place?


Hey, Jude (or, Don’t Be Like That)

What should we do when we encounter people who are self-seeking and arrogant, especially when they are teaching lies?


No Revenge At All?, Part 1

Would others notice if we treated our enemies like our friends?

Camouflaged Bug

Couldn’t I Not Love Just a Few of My Brothers?

While some people make it simple to show God's love to them, we are called to love and do good for everyone.

Sun Through Tree Branches

Who Is My Enemy?

In addition to asking who our neighbors are (that we should love), let us also consider who our enemies are (whom we should also love - and pray for).