Does Your God Pay Attention?

Can the things, persons, or entities in whom we put our trust deliver salvation for us when we're in an otherwise-hopeless situation?

Sunday School Lessons

Are We Ready to be Rescued?

Are you ready to be rescued from a bad situation, even if it means you might have to do something about it?


Haven’t We Seen This Episode Before?

Like a predictable cartoon series, some things never seem to change. The good news is that a happy ending is available, no matter how bad the plot of our lives may seem.


Hey, Jude (or, Don’t Be Like That)

What should we do when we encounter people who are self-seeking and arrogant, especially when they are teaching lies?


The Ministry of the Door

What's the best way to get through a door that separates a broken place of destruction from a good place of joy?


Escape Hatch

Scriptwriters continue to come up with new ways to help the heroes win, even when the odds are against them. God is far more creative and capable than even the most talented writer, though.


It’s Not a Contest

If one person is being harmed by sin's effects more than another, which one is more in need of healing from Jesus?


Others’ Keeper

Just because we didn't actually do something wrong, doesn't always mean we aren't at fault that it happened.