Hollow Arguments, Part 2

Just because something sounds nice, doesn't mean it is from the source of good.


Escape Hatch

Scriptwriters continue to come up with new ways to help the heroes win, even when the odds are against them. God is far more creative and capable than even the most talented writer, though.

Route 66

Use the Whole Road

The path to life is narrow, and Jesus is the only way. However, upon accepting Him, we have great freedom and liberty to love and to serve both God and others.

Sea Lions on Buoy

I Can’t Do It!

As challenging as our individual weaknesses may be against specific temptations, we are not alone in this struggle.

Picture on Dusty Vehicle

Four-Loaf Cleaver

When we are tempted to sin, even by learning what sin is, we can't just drive out bad thoughts. Something else needs to take their place.