Why Pray for Peace?

Yes, we want the peace that God gives us, but what other reasons should also cause us to pray for that?

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If You Can’t Be a Good Friend, Be a Warning of What Not To Do

What can we learn about being a good friend, from some examples of not-so-great friends in the Bible? (Notes for a "remotely-taught" Sunday School lesson, June 7, 2020.)


All Crispy Brownies

Are we surrounding ourselves with the warmth that brings life, or with a harsh fire that consumes us and others nearby?

Ornamental Cabbage

Non-Believer, Part 1

What would you say to someone who simply wouldn't believe you, despite evidence to the contrary?


Old Friends

When you say someone is an "old friend", do you mean that they have been your friend for a long time, or that they are advanced in years?

Hearts in Coffee

[The] Word with Friends

If we eat more when we're out with friends, would we learn more if we studied the Bible with them?