Sunday School Lessons

The One You Didn’t Expect to Be Chosen

In the teachings of Jesus, sometimes the best example of someone who is right before God isn't who society thinks it is

Sunday School Lessons

Can’t You Be Happy For Your Brother?

If you've been part of the family of God for a while, does it sometimes feel like you should get a little more credit for that?

Sunday School Lessons

Need Some Advice from a Friend?

Is it worth maintaining your pride if you are going to miss out on something spectacular?


Quotes from the Pharisees: I’m Better Than You

To what should followers of Jesus compare themselves and their righteousness?


Have You Had Enough?

Once we decide that "enough is enough" with respect to the impact of sin in our lives, we have a choice as to what to do next.



I don't think that God is embarrassed of us when we look less than our best. May we not be embarrassed about Him.


What Do We Give Up?

There is a cost to following Jesus, but how does it compare to the cost of trying to succeed on our own?

Tree at Edge of Grand Canyon

How to Be Humble

Pride is a common challenge. Other than just gritting our teeth and trying to do better, what can we do to prevail against this vice?

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I can do it myself!

For those of us who fear the unknown, a better path may mean trusting God for answers, or leaving some room for Him to work.