Sunday School Lessons

Salvation Is an Amazing Thing

Are there any "minimum holiness requirements" to accept God's salvation and new life in Jesus Christ?


How Good Do Your Words Taste?

What can help us make good use of conversations with other people?


Too Sinful to be Saved?

Think you are too sinful to be saved?  As it turns out, you're the perfect candidate for Jesus' plan.


Not Too Difficult

When something seems too difficult, do you just give up, or do you keep looking for a way to succeed?


I Deserve This!

If God mercifully paid for the consequences of our sins, how should we respond to that grace?


Own It!

Carrying the weight of sin around is painful. If we just come clean and admit that we have failed, would a loving God welcome us back?


You Can’t Make That With Those Ingredients, Part 1

No matter how hard we might try, there are some things that can't be made without the right ingredients.


God’s Message to the Arab People

God's blessings to the Arab people aren't limited to the stories about Ishmael. Let's take a look...


Grace, Love, and Fellowship

What if fancy introductions and conclusions in books of the Bible weren't just cultural niceties, but instead were opportunities to be blessed?


Needles and Wealth

If it is nearly impossible for the wealthy to enter the kingdom of God, can those in rich countries still be Christians?


Even Our Mistakes are Part of the Plan

God doesn't just forgive us for our sins, but He actually uses our failures for greater things.

Constellation Sphere at NASA Kennedy Space Center

Where Is the Church?

What if every follower of Jesus had such a positive and lasting impact on his or her community that no one would have to think twice when asked "Where is the church?"

Close-Up of Metal Bridge Over Gap

The Sin Bank

Although we may be tempted to keep score in relationships, making sure that we provide others with similar value to what they give us, the Bible has a different mission for us.

Small Waterfalls


Do we sometimes enter into conversations ready for combat, when others actually need to see us as someone who can help show them the way to be rescued?

Zip Line

Grace, Faith, Works

While our good deeds aren't good enough to make us right before a holy God, once we appreciate the magnitude of His grace, mercy, and love, we still have a part to play.

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May We Be Truly Thankful

Being thankful doesn't always have to be for what we have already received. Sometimes, it is anticipating that God will provide for us.