Speaking While in Chains

Ever feel that you are just so tied up with the junk of this world that you can't move fowrard?


Like Fighting One Problem at a Time

What can you do when you wake up and your problems outnumber your abilities?


Trying the Impossible

What should we do when our goals are impossible for us to achieve on our own?


Not Too Difficult

When something seems too difficult, do you just give up, or do you keep looking for a way to succeed?

Ornamental Cabbage

Non-Believer, Part 2

Why do some people not accept the truth, even when it is clear to others?


To the Future! (Part 2)

For followers of Jesus, the hope of the future doesn't start in Heaven, but with the opportunities of today.

Textured Tree Surface

Cracked Screen 

Sometimes, we need to look at others' lives from a different angle (and let them do the same in return) to find - and fix - the hidden fractures.


Putting On a Good Face

Where is it written that Christians should artificially look or act a certain way to make it look like being a Christian is always great?

Rock Face


Although we may face challenges from without, it is only through God's power that we can hold up.

Bridge View Sign

Check It Out for Yourself

If we are genuinely interested in learning the truth, we have an opportunity to find it, if we will only look.

Textured Tree Bark

Friction or Friendly Reminder? 

When we encounter obstacles or resistance, we must discern between God's direction to keep us on the right path, and the resistance of evil trying to keep us from that path.

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Remembering at the Right Time

Even though God is with us all of the time, we sometimes need a reminder (or to remind someone else) of this fact.