Sunday School Lessons

Feeling Like an Outcast?

What does Jesus choice of disciples and dinner guests have to say to those of us who don't feel likely to be invited to become either of those things?

Sunday School Lessons

From Comprehension to Commitment, Part 2

What can Joshua's leadership teach us?


Walled Garden 

It may be nice to spend time in a nice garden, but we're being selfish if we never leave and invite others to join us.

Walkway Along Lake

The Power of Choice

Sometimes, the difference in the paths our lives take depends on a choice that we make at a key time. The good news is that the most important choice remains open for us to seize, even if we previously made the wrong decision.

Bridge View Sign

Check It Out for Yourself

If we are genuinely interested in learning the truth, we have an opportunity to find it, if we will only look.