Putting the Fruit in Froot Loops

If we wouldn't eat something that didn't match the label, maybe we should double-check the contents of what we are learning, too.


Ugly Feet

Sometimes, the most kind actions and words come from the people that the world might overlook.


Looking Good

Is living a life of righteousness enough, or should we consider how other people perceive our actions, as well?

Textured Tree Surface

Cracked Screen 

Sometimes, we need to look at others' lives from a different angle (and let them do the same in return) to find - and fix - the hidden fractures.


The Risk of “Christian” Idols

While symbols and imagery help us remember things about God, can they inadvertently become the objects of our worship?

Board Game on Carpet

Repentance vs. Ritual

Even if we look like we are sorry for what we have done, it doesn't really change anything if we don't work to also change our heart and our actions.