Sunday School Lessons

God Can Take Care of Himself

While God works through His people, He really doesn't need us to avenge Him.


Why Follow Anyone Else? (Part 1)

For those who are comfortable and secure in their faith, have we considered why others make different choices?

Garden Decor

A Scarecrow in a Cucumber Field

If a scarecrow can't keep the animals out of our garden, why would we trust its fellow inanimate objects for more important things?


Idols with Four Walls

Most Christians would recognize an idol in the shape of a man or an animal, but are there other forms that an idol can take?


Worshipping What We Make

We would never worship something that we made ourselves, treating it like something greater than we are...would we?


The Risk of “Christian” Idols

While symbols and imagery help us remember things about God, can they inadvertently become the objects of our worship?

Metal Bridge Over Gap

A Reply for Those Searching Honestly

Searching for truth can be an uphill battle, but an ancient traveling speaker had some insight that is still good for us today.