Sunday School Lessons

Paying Attention to the Important Messages

It can be difficult to tell the difference between something really important, and someone just trying to get us to listen to them


Blessings in the Blindness

When something we're used to is taken away, even for a short time, where might we find blessings in that?


Answers to Friends, Part 1

Some of the pivotal statements that Jesus made about Himself were actually made in small settings.


Difficult Doesn’t Mean Pliable

Just because I can't hear or understand something, doesn't mean that I get to claim that I heard whatever benefits me the most.


You Don’t Know Me

When we all have our own junk cluttering up our hearts, is there any truth and hope that applies to us all?


You Could Have Led With That

How did the best speaker in history start His illustrations about an important topic?


Sorting Through the Noise

When the world offers dozens of answers to a given question, how do we find out which one is objectively correct?


Just a Reminder

Sometimes, being told the same thing more than once isn't an insult to our intelligence; it's a valuable reminder, instead.


God’s Message to the Arab People

God's blessings to the Arab people aren't limited to the stories about Ishmael. Let's take a look...