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Do We Want to Understand and Share?

It's possible to be taught without learning, and to learn without teaching, but should we do either of those things?

Sunday School Lessons

Tough Love May Mean Tough Talk

Sometimes, the most loving thing to do might not be the one that makes people feel good about their current choices.

Sunday School Lessons

Leading vs. Dragging

Out of love for others, are there ways to lead them to the right conclusion about the harm that their choices are doing, rather than just a lecture?

Sunday School Lessons

How Many Can Hear?

We may have studied what Jesus taught, but let's look at how He taught it, too.

Gazebo Reflection in Puddle

Reflecting Jesus

While we don't dare let the image quality suffer, sometimes a reflection of a reflection is still pretty good.


Four Steps of Leading Others in Christ

There is more to helping people become mature disciples than just following a few easy steps, but the Bible does give us lots of good advice.


Destination: Maturity (Part 1)

Learning a new skill is a lot more effective when we have something to practice that skill on.


An Ally in the Back of the Room

Do you ever have a nightmare that you're in front of the class, and you don't know the answers?


Hollow Arguments, Part 1

Not every saying is worth repeating, and sometimes what sounds good is more style than substance.


What Makes God Angry?

Some people have a mental image of an angry God.  This might be due to preachers like Johnathan Edwards from the 18th-century, or from listening to others who portray God as primarily full of wrath and punishment.  This is a tough image of God to live with, and probably makes most of us want to avoid… Continue reading What Makes God Angry?


Just a Reminder

Sometimes, being told the same thing more than once isn't an insult to our intelligence; it's a valuable reminder, instead.


Leaving Your Kids 

How does a parent or mature Christian help someone else to grow and become ready for independence?



How much of what we value today will be significant even a short time from now? Is there anything that will outlast the assault of time?