Sunday School Lessons

Breaking the Cycle for Good

It is regretful when a child rebels against what is good and falls away, but change from one generation to the next can also be positive in some families

Sunday School Lessons

Passing the Consequences to Someone Else?

While it might sometimes seem like things are unfair in the short run, justice is served in the end


Leaving Your Kids 

How does a parent or mature Christian help someone else to grow and become ready for independence?

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Just as parents sometimes have to provide suggested answers for their children to give in specific situations, God provides us direction and guidance for the right words in a specific situation, also.


Wandering Off, Part 1

When we stray off the path - whether because we're distracted or just rebellious - God loves us enough to guide us back.

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If we shouldn't exasperate our children, what should we do for them, instead?