You’re Only as Old as You Feel 

If age does not automatically produce maturity, what should we do when we realize that we (or others) need to grow up, spiritually?


The Ministry of Asking for Help

We recognize those who do good things for others, but have we ever stopped to think about those who ask for help?


Yielding to God’s Will

When we ask for God's will, are we always seeking His wisdom, or are we sometimes looking for a loophole?


Leaving Your Kids 

How does a parent or mature Christian help someone else to grow and become ready for independence?

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Trust Fall

When I think about listening to God, one of the things I sometimes fear is that He might call me to do something.

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May We Be Truly Thankful

Being thankful doesn't always have to be for what we have already received. Sometimes, it is anticipating that God will provide for us.