Sunday School Lessons

Sometimes, You Need to Be the Exception

Just because those before or after you are a mess, doesn't mean that you have to be the same way.

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Reading the Bible Electronically

When we don't have a printed version of the Bible handy, today's technology offers us many alternatives.

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Bible Notes

What do all the little notes and formats mean when we read the Bible? Here's a quick overview.

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If you find that other thoughts compete with your time with God, how can they be captured for later, so that you can focus on Him?

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Bites vs. Meals

Although many verses of the Bible are valuable on their own, sometimes we need to read and study more of the Bible at a time.

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Choosing a Devotional

Reading the Bible is fresh and filling just as it is. If you would like to read it along with insights and teachings from others, though, here are a few suggestions to help you select a devotional.

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“Get Your Own Tape”, Part 2

Just as with our physical bodies, our intake of spiritual food should increase over time to help us grow in a healthy manner.

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A Few Pixels

In their various forms, distractions are all around us. So, how can we spend "quiet time" with God?

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Sweet Hour of Prayer

Although the old hymn, "Sweet Hour of Prayer", probably wasn't talking about a literal hour, we can still give God some of our undivided attention in prayer.