Sunday School Lessons

Thoughts from Galatians 5-6

If what is in our heart reflects in our behavior, shouldn't we expect the same thing to be true for others?

Sunday School Lessons

Trying to Keep in Step

It may take work to keep up, but it's worth it.

Sunday School Lessons

What Walking by the Spirit Looks Like

If we aren't demonstrating all of the fruit of the Spirit, does that mean we're just not trying hard enough?


Not on a Friday

If we can get along with some people one day a week, what would it take to have peace the rest of the week?


Everything We Produce

How can we honor God with what we do when we are struggling to make ends meet and to find enough time in the day?

Route 66 Diner

A Look Inside

If having a transparent refrigerator door makes some of us nervous, what should we think of One who can see into our hearts?


“I’m Always Angry”

How can we find ourselves being defined by others according to the good that our life produces (with God's) help, rather than by the vices that we fight against?

Sun Shining Through Tree Branches

Trying to See Jesus

When Jesus was on earth, many people wanted to see him. Removed from His time on earth by several centuries, what can we see (or show) of Him, today?


What Are You Planting?

Although the results don't always happen right away, if we live according to God's direction, we can expect positive results eventually.

Close-Up of Maple Syrup Tap

Understand the Source, Part 1

When we study what others have written or said, we should understand where they are coming from, and be able to determine if they are telling us the truth.