The Doo-Wop Gospel Message

Even pop music writers can't miss the realities of love, but God does it best.


Living in Jeans

Wouldn't we be more comfortable when living as we are intended, rather than trying to imitate something that we were never intended to be?

Longer Exposure Pattern

The Dog Walks Slowly by Midnight

Even the most important message is ineffective if it can't be shared in a way that the recipient can understand.

Pier and Water

Using Up All of the Bandwidth

Since we only get a certain amount of capacity to invest in others, how can we divide up that capacity fairly and make the most - and best - impact?

Sermon Study Guide


What might it look like if we looked forward to hearing from God as much as we look forward to hearing back from friends?


A Little Closer Every Day

It can be difficult to give God first place in our entire lives, but maybe the first step is to bring Him into new parts of your life, one at a time.

Close-Up of Metal Bridge Over Gap

The Sin Bank

Although we may be tempted to keep score in relationships, making sure that we provide others with similar value to what they give us, the Bible has a different mission for us.