Sunday School Lessons

More Than Just Fear

God doesn't appear to be interested in intimidating us into being restored to a healthy relationship with Him.


Member Owned and Operated

Although members of the church can - and should - cooperate, is the church a cooperative?


Still in Charge

Even if I know the person who is in charge, if he or she is a good leader, I still have to follow the rules.


Commander Who?

Voice-acted video games might not know details about who is playing, but we don't have that excuse: each of us knows who we are following.

Mini Aster Flowers

Not Only the Promised One

Jesus was - and is - a lot of things. If we miss out on some of His roles, we miss out on getting to know Him more completely.

Setting Sun

Jesus is Lord,…but what does that mean?

When we refer to Jesus as "Lord", what does that actually mean?