Quotes from the Pharisees: Tell Him to Stop Doing That

Who do we talk to about getting some changes made around here?


How Do We Pray for Them?

We may already know that we should pray for those in authority. How - and what - do we actually pray for them, though?

Sunday School Lessons

Not Needing to be Elected

Aren't you glad that Jesus didn't have to campaign in order to receive His authority and power?


First Place is Already Taken 

If we are never going to be in charge of Jesus' church, what drives us to keep doing our best?


Commander Who?

Voice-acted video games might not know details about who is playing, but we don't have that excuse: each of us knows who we are following.


Trying to Take Over 

I'm pretty sure that I am not in charge of any kingdoms. So, why do I act like it, sometimes?


Succeeding, not Replacing 

Since each of us is unique, a change in leadership doesn't have to result in continued uniformity.



While following Jesus, but still living here on earth, we may feel like we are "paying" two masters, but Jesus provided us a path that navigates both worlds.