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“Those Who Sin Differently” in Print!

Dear Readers,

I wanted to let you know that the second volume of “Those Who Sin Differently” has been published on Amazon.  While this site ( remains open to reach out to as many readers as possible with the good news of Jesus Christ (for free), I appreciate that some people like to read devotions in other formats.  In addition, books like these offer me an opportunity to organize the content a little better, rather than the website’s approach (where each article might be on a different topic from the previous article).  Also, thanks to my wife’s proofreading (as well as readers from the site, and multiple revisions of my own), the articles have been cleaned up quite a bit and updated for this publication.

Here are the links, if you’re interested in taking a look or purchasing a copy:

Volume 1 takes readers through a number of stages of the Christian walk, from the truth of God’s word and an invitation to follow Jesus, through various aspects of discipleship and maturity.  This is meant for anyone interested in an overview of the basics.

Volume 2 focuses on life in the church: the Body of Christ.  It is meant for those who have accepted Jesus Christ, and are learning about their role (and how to get along with others) in the community of believers.

I’m not expecting to get rich from these books, but if they help get the word out (about Jesus Christ) to just a few more people who need to learn about Him, they will have been worth the effort.  In fact, if someone has an e-reader but can’t afford the e-book, I invite them to just download the “samples” and read them.

If you’re a regular reader of this site (or the corresponding feed), you may not need another compilation of these articles, but I wondered if I could ask you for a favor.  If you find the articles on this site to be useful, would you be willing to share one of these links on social media?  (In my household, we have blocked social media, in an attempt to keep it from getting too much of a hold on us – both children and parents.)

Regardless of your reaction to this announcement, thank you for all your support, whether in posting a comment, clicking the “like” button, or just reading this websites content.  Those all mean a lot to me, even if we’ve never met.

M. Dennis

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